Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unique Randomness

My random thoughts...brought to you once a week!
  • Sara and I love the show “House Hunters” on HGTV…we never get tired of the formulaic concept. Raise your hand if your favorite part of the show is making fun of the couples? Does this sound familiar…”He’s a teacher and she’s a stay-at-home…why is their budget $500K”? Here’s an added twist to the show. Next time you’re watching, count how many times you can add “that’s what she said” into the mix. It’s astounding!
  • I love commercials…well, making fun of commercials. Have you seen the latest from Subaru? Dude is standing in-between his totaled Subaru and his sparkling new Subaru. He gives one more farewell to the old one, professes his love for the automobile, then takes the gear shift knob from the totaled car and drives off into the countryside. It begs the question…what is he planning to do with that knob?
  • We took a quick trip to Austin last weekend…stayed at the Barton Creek Resort. Nice place, not such a good breakfast bar, but the resort was awesome. On a side note…ate at the Jimmy John’s down the street from the resort…great sandwich shop. I hope more start popping up in Houston.
  • Syd, my one –year-old, enjoys dropping a deuce by walking over to the coffee table and hugging it out. Interesting tactics.
  • Recently, I went to an average winery in Sedona, AZ. I bought a bottle, walked out to the patio for consumption, and noticed they had two separate sitting areas. One area was a regular patio with chairs. The other area was fully covered, with leather chairs, and sweet tables. But that area was marked for “Members Only”. At that moment, I didn’t even want to be a “Non-Member”.
  • Gym Membership: Racquetball Dude: Racquetball Dude is 45-50-years old…sports the double knee braces, goggles, and headband. He comes to the gym for one purpose…that’s to play him some r-ball. R-ball Dude typically has a gut, is terrible at racquetball and sweats obscenely. If you are unfortunate enough to bump into R-ball Dude, take an immediate shower.
  • Facebook Folley of the Week: Day of the Week Guy When did Sunday become Funday? Or…why is Tuesday…Snoozeday? Day of the Week Guy never misses a chance to tell us about the current day and how it makes him feel. Do you know how it makes us feel? Oh, and I am especially thankful for the countdown to the weekend. I understand that once we hit Humpday, we’ve got tunnel vision for Super Saturday.


Margie said...

I saw an episode of House Hunters the other day (Chicago) and the woman had the most grating voice ever. It sounded like her bottom teeth wanted to chew on the top teeth. I ended up DVRing it cause it was late but I wanted to know what lame choice they went with. And yes, WTF at couples buying a house with such a huge budget?!?!

Kevin said...

I have a great show idea..."House Hunters...3 Years Later". On a side note, wonder what the divorce rate is for couples on HH.

Anonymous said...

OMG. We were watching HH one night, and it featured a ... portly... couple with their 2 yr old. I mentioned, "oh wow, still hasn't lost the baby weight??" and the Husband responds, "babe, they adopted".


Kevin said...

I also love the lady who's looking at a kitchen that's bigger than my house....her first comment "not sure about this counter space".