Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Variety is the Spice of Life
This week's tip will keep with the recent Asian theme. One of my absolute favorite culinary activities is checking out an Asian market. I am fortunate to live in Houston because we have so many good ones. I recently checked out Ranch Market on I-10. It was okay, but to me it doesn't get better than Super H Mart on Blalock. Great selection and not so large that you'll get lost.

My tip is this: If you enjoy trying your hand at a new cuisine such as Asian cooking...go to an authentic market, not aisle 8 in Kroger's. And when you're at a place like H Mart, try a few new things each time. Today I picked up some new udon noodles. Even if you strikeout a few times, it's better than not trying something different.

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Margaret said...

Here's my favorite thing about Ranch Market, more than exploring the extensive seafood section, wondering what one person is going to do with 2 entire boxes or asian pears, or inspecting all the different varieties of snack sausages and shrimp chips, the bakery. More specifically, the coconut bread that they make in the bakery. You may have to fight a bunch of people to snag a loaf as everyone waits for it to come out of the oven, but it is worth the wait/fuss. OH. SO. GOOD. Rich with coconut bits, raisins and what almost seems to be some sort of cream filling. Try it.