Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mighty Good Recipe

Tuesdays are for delivering you a Mighty Good Recipe!


Adapted from a Dorothy Huang recipe (from Central Market cooking class)

1 lb. ground pork
2 TSPN fresh ginger (minced)
2 TSPN green onions (chopped)
12 oz. frozen chopped spinach (squeeze well to remove excess water)
2 TSPN soy sauce
1 TSPN sesame oil
2 TSPN canola oil
1 tsp fresh ground pepper
1 package dumpling wrappers (found at Central Market or Asian grocery stores)
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 cup water

1. Take a large bowl and add pork, ginger, green onions, spinach, soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper. Get dirty...mix with hands.
2. Take one dumpling wrapper and dip fingers in the cup of water. Rub wet fingers on the inside edges of the dumplings.
3. Place a small spoonful of mixture in the middle of wrapper. Fold over and press together, forming almost a taco. Make sure there's no openings in wrapper.
4. Place canola oil in saute pan. Make enough dumplings to fill entire pan (should be around 20). Once the pan is completely full, turn burner to Med-High heat.
5. Wait 6-7 minutes and pick up one dumpling to check the bottom. If it's a crispy brown, pour 1/4 of chicken broth into the pan, turn burner to Medium, and cover pan. Let cook for 6-7 minutes. Give pan a good shake.
6. Remove top of pan and transfer dumplings to plate. Repeat process for the second batch.
7. This recipes yields about 40-45 dumplings.

This recipe is the culmination of our Asian-themed recipe series. And it's the best recipe in my arsenal. Be patient...the more you make these pockets of joy, the better you'll get at it. Enjoy!

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