Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unique Randomness

My random thoughts...brought to you once a week!

I recently got back from vacationing in Sedona, Arizona. Cool place. Here's a pic to prove it. While I was sitting in the airport the other day, I and tried to think of ten things I like about the whole flying experience. I figured there's just too much negativity surrounding the process. Consider this a "glass half full" look at flying. I promise no sarcasm.

Top 10 Things I Like About the Airport Experience

10. Wifi: Tell me if you've seen this one before at the airport..."Signal Quality: Excellent". Just does my heart good when I see that.

9. Moving Sidewalk: Does this ever get old? It's as fun now as it was twenty years ago. Great invention.

8. Rechargeable Phone Chord Stand: I've never had to use it, but it never fails to catch my eye. In fact, I've never seen anyone use it. Maybe that's why it catches my eye.

7. Duty-Free Store: I was never big on this store. That was until we missed our connection in Toronto and had an eight-hour layover. Reading the bottles kept me busy.

6. Parking Shuttle: I know this is a little weird but I enjoy riding the shuttle from the parking place to the terminal. It's probably the closest I'll get to a limo.

5. Bottled Water: What? Does your parking lot give you a free bottled water upon exiting? Mine does. And guess what? I'm always thirsty. Always. Why does flying make your mouth feel like a desert?

4. Chipper Airline Employee: You know the guy/girl. He's nice but no one's this friendly. "Hi Miss Natalie...where are you flying off to? Wanna sticker?" You know the dude has to sit in weekly meetings about how to be overly kind to kids. It's still a nice touch, and I appreciate it.

3. People Watching: a better place for people watching. You can't. Such a place doesn't exist. The airport is the absolute best. You see it all at the airport.

2. City T-Shirts: Where else can you get your very own Houston, Texas t-shirt? D*mn, slipped up on the sarcasm.

1. Restrooms: Those who know me well, know that I'm a bit of a germaphobe. Not like super crazy germaphobe, but me and germs don't get along. That's why I love the airport bathroom. It's no touch...that includes: urinals, faucets, paper towel dispenser. It's just great...and hopefully all public facilities will catch on.


Anonymous said...

That picture is fantastic! Did you take it? What a beautiful place.
I think you're right on with all of your positive comments about the airport. Always easy to get wrapped up in the hassles- thanks for reminding me of the good stuff.

Kevin said...

I'm a natural pessimist, but my wife has taught me to look at the positives. Every picture on the blog is one of my own...the good and the bad. Thanks for reading!

Thundercat Mama said...

Best people watching place other than the airport? The Houston Rodeo. Freaks everywhere! And I love it!