Monday, August 16, 2010

Restaurant Review: Houston

Disclaimer: I am friends with the owners. They also run a catering business called
The Business Lunch. I’ve used them once before. They were on-time and everyone loved the meal.


3416 Roseland Street
Houston, Texas 77006

The Scene: Griff’s is practically a Houston landmark. Entering the establishment at noon on a nearly 100 degree August day is like detaching yourself from reality. The door slams and you are consumed by darkness and the faint smell of old cigarettes. It had been years since my last visit, but I quickly remembered why I liked this place so much…it’s a bar’s bar. But I wasn’t here to drink…I was here to eat and drink…a little.

The Food:
It’s fairly simple. I was told to get the cheeseburger. I sat down and ordered one along with a St. Arnold’s. It came out with an order of fries. The burger basket is a microcosm of Griff’s…no frills, but done right. The 1/2lb. meat patty was topped with a good portion of tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and American cheese. The sesame seed bun was fresh and already cut in half for me. Given the size, I was glad the cook did that. I polished off the burger and finished about half the fries (watching my figure).

The Price: Reasonable. Think I got out of there for around $10-11 (remember that I also had a beer). Lunch starts at 11:00.

The Verdict: I’ll be back to Griff’s, and not just because I know the owners. There’s something to be said for parking yourself in a dark atmosphere, having a good beer and burger, and watching sports highlights. It’s quite relaxing. So much of how I judge a place is based on feel. I loved the vintage Astros banner, the stacked-up Lone Star Beer cases, and the corner pool tables. The menu selection is pretty decent, especially for a bar. However, I’m sticking with the beer and burger.

Note…During the day, parking is plentiful. If you’re looking for quick service and a good meal, Griff’s is a great option.

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