Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unique Randomness

My random thoughts...brought to you once a week.

The more I work on this blog, the less television I watch…that’s a good thing. I’m not a big “show” watcher, but of course I still have my opinions…

Best Show: Pawn Stars

This one is easy. If you read this blog, you know how much I love Pawn Stars. They can’t keep the new episodes coming fast enough for me.

2nd Best Show: Chopped
I just love the concept. The great job of editing always creates a little drama.

Worst Show: Food Network Challenge
Listen, I know there are many worse shows (like everything reality driven), but I just hate these stupid Food Network challenges. I don’t give a sh*t if someone can make a human-sized Sponge Bob cake. Does it taste good? I never see the judges try a piece. On that note…you can have Ace of Cakes as well. I spend most of the show staring at Duff’s 5o’clock shadow that starts one inch below his eyes.

Show on the Decline: The Office
I know…it pains me to write it. This show is going downhill and Steve Carell knows it. I tried to pinpoint its demise. It’s the moment Dwight stopped idolizing Michael. Think about it…I’m right.

Show on the Rise: Hung
I was on the fence with this show after its first season. Thus far, season two has been a success…much better writing.

Top Heavy Show: Entourage
Where would this show be without Jeremy Piven? Answer…canceled.

Show I Want Back: Deadwood
I would pay part of my salary to have this show back on air. No kidding. Maybe the best writing ever on any program.

Show That I Know is Popular but Still Have Not Seen: True Blood
Easy one…vampire stuff scares me…there, I said it.

Best Cartoon: Family Guy
Family Guy runs laps around all the others. Stu Griffin is my all-time favorite.

Facebook Folley of the Week: Going on Vacation
You know the “Going on Vacation” guy. He’s the one who announces to the world all the details about his impending two-week vacation to Cabo. Really? Did you leave the front door unlocked as well? You know what type of people are on the internet? Perves, criminals, nutjobs, freaks, etc. Stop acting like the internet/facebook is a safe place. And another thing…only about 2% of the people in your life care about your vacation. The other 98% are pissed and jealous they can’t go. Think it’s not true? Honestly, what was your first thought when you saw that last facebook beach pic?


Margie said...

You hit the nail on the head, Kevin.

Those damn Food Network Challenges suck and those cakes, while some may be awesome, others have FAIL written all over it.

The Office jumped the shark and I think you're right about when. I'm more into watching Community and Parks & Recreation now.

Haven't seen True Blood either. I guess I should add it to my Netflix but not until I'm done with The Wire. I just started Season 4.

I want to hang out with Chumlee and The Old Man.

Your Unique Randomness posts are the best.

Kevin said...

Something tells me Chumlee is not as dumb/stoned as that show makes him out to be. Thanks for the kind words.