Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner Club

Our Dinner Club this month took a field a little place I like to call Mark's. For the non-Houstonian followers, Mark's is just about as good as it gets in our fine city. There's a million positive reviews of this place. Thought I'd switch things up a bit with a Pro/Con breakdown of Mark's.

1658 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77006

Pro: Dark, seductive, mysterious, elegant, architecturally mesmerizing...get the picture?
Con: Because of extreme elegance...I had to put on a pair of slacks. It had been a few months and I think I gained a little weight. Thanks for that reminder Mark.

Pro: Best mojito ever!!! Think it was called the 1658.
Con: I think the 1658 was actually $16.58...coincidentally, the same price as last month's water bill.

Pro: My oyster (that's right, just one...we split it) and corn chowder were perfection. So many tongue was in heaven.
Con: That's what she said.

Pro: My shrimp were good, but I had a bite of Keith's Japanese Sea Bass...that was a memorable moment in life.
Con: In a jealous rage over Keith's choice...I tipped the waiter to spit in his bread pudding.

Pro: My fat ass didn't order any. Thank already tight slacks were cutting into my love handles.
Con: Tasted a bite of bread pudding and blueberry mascarpone tart...those were good...maybe next time.

Pro: Our waiter was at the top of his knowledgeable as they come. Most of the menu was off-menu. The guy didn't miss a beat.
Con: With service this good, there's nowhere to go but down.
Con 1A: That's what she said?


Margie said...
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boeker5 said...

Never been, but i will! On a side note, Is your water bill really that low??? Ours is like $70... are we getting ripped off?

Kevin said...

Ok...technically, it was May's water bill ($14.67). But no, you aren't getting ripped off because June's was $60.