Monday, May 3, 2010

Rich Being Rich

My good friend Rich has a unique sense of humor. He's fooled me once or twice through the years. He emailed me this the other was too good not to post. It's not real, but don't you wish it was?

If you are ever in the Washington D.C. area and feel like a good slice of authentic local flavor, we went to a wonderful little spot where the pizza was piping hot and delicious. It's located in the Kingstowne/Alexandria, Virginia area. There is usually a large crowd, but we sat in the bar area, which is wonderfully decorated with local sports flair. There are several t.v.'s that display sporting events for the patrons to enjoy. They even at happy hour, have 24 oz. domestic drafts, of which we enjoyed two Coors Lights.

The service is friendly, prompt and pays attention to detail, as we ordered the meat pizza for dinner, which is advertised as having a thick, chunky lusty tomato sauce, the specialty of the house. It was also loaded with fat steaming Italian sausage, peppery pepperoni, zesty Romano cheese and other delicious meats. Of course there are other options on the menu including perfectly crafted sliders (with a tangy mustard pickle sauce), fried mozzarella sticks (whoever heard of such a thing), various leafy salads, they even advertise a Jack Daniels flatiron!

Our server, Tyler, quickly took the order and within 10 minutes voila, our piping hot pizza pie arrived in a thick deep dish pan, I thought we were in Chicago!!!!

The pizza was great, the crust was heavenly, sweet and salty, crunchy and it held the smoky flavor of all the meats. As we were finishing our wonderful pie, we thought about ordering one of the wonderful desserts.....oh yeah, another great thing the menus are colorful and actually show a picture of each of the appetizers, entrees and desserts. We couldn't decide between the scrumptious looking bread pudding or the intriguing brownie bottom sundae and we were stuffed to the tits with pizza pie.

Anyways if you are ever in D.C., but wish you were in Chicago for some grandiose Chicago style pizza, visit Uno's Chicago Grille #722 for a truly unique dining experience that you probably can only get in 721 other locations. It was a life changer.

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