Monday, May 24, 2010

Restaurant Review

Los Dos Hermanos Mexican Restaurant
5013 N. Shepherd Houston, TX

The Run Down:
In baseball terms, Dos Hermanos is like that fourth outfielder on the team. He's good, one heck of a nice guy, and just finds a way to get in the game every once in awhile. Okay...if you're not lost yet, I'll get back to food speak.

The Decision: I used the baseball analogy because Dos Hermanos is located near some very formidable eateries along Shepherd Drive....some stiff competition. It's right across the street from Simo's Diner (one of my favorites). I've driven past the place a hundred times and when Sara got a hankering for breakfast tacos the other morning...I figured it was time to give Dos Hermanos a shot.

The Food: Our food was excellent. I kept it safe and simple...Huevos Rancheros...the litmus test for a good Mexican breakfast. They passed. The yolks were nice and runny, the refried beans were solid, and the pappas fritas provided a nice compliment. I mopped up everything with their homemade tortillas, which were excellent as well. I heard no complaints from Sara on her tacos.

The Price: Great prices...Sara paid for the bill, but I'm guessing it was in the $10 ballpark (get it...ballpark).

The Overall Opinion: Los Hermanos was clean, felt very safe, and was quaint. I have a real soft spot for the little neighborhood places. A woman, who I assumed was the owner, treated us like royalty. I could tell she was genuinely concerned whether we liked her cooking. In Houston, competition for these types of places is stiff, but I can see myself becoming a breakfast regular at Dos Hermanos. It makes you feel good letting that fourth outfielder get a few at bats. Especially when he makes tortillas this well!

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