Monday, May 17, 2010

City Jewel: Boston

City Jewel takes a quick look at various places from around the country.

Restaurant: Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe

429 Columbus Ave.

Restaurant Size: Smallish. Went there for breakfast and had to sit at the bar. I was there by myself so sitting at the bar was perfect. It gives me a great view of the cooking action.

Specialty: Turkey Hash...this was awesome. I'd never eaten anything like it for breakfast. The ground turkey worked well with the eggs and potatoes. Think it was like $6. This place just screams old school Boston...with local sports memorabilia all over the walls. Given the name, I also take it Charlie's makes a good sandwich.

Chance of getting food poisoning: LOW. The place isn't going to win any awards for cleanliness, but what diner is? It was nice enough, and the food was outstanding.

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