Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Hour

Get ready for the weekend with a great drink idea. Don't worry, I'll get around to just about everything. And no, I don't usually take pictures of liquor bottles around my house.

Key Lime Pie Martini
1 shot of Vanilla Stoli (any vodka will do, I just like this one the best)
3/4 shot Licor 43 (pictured...not cheap, well worth it!)
1/2 shot Rose's Lime Juice
1/2 shot half and half
graham cracker crumbs

Directions: Chill a martini glass in the freezer for a few minutes. Take all of the ingredients, pour in shaker, and well...shake. Take some fresh lime and rim glass. Dip glass in a plate of graham cracker crumbs. Pour in drink mixture. Enjoy. This is a really good one!

*Note...make it easy on yourself and buy the box of pre-crumbled graham crackers.


Carrie said...

A tip...

Few recipes require an entire box of graham cracker crumbs. If you want to make your own, buy a box of graham crackers. Turn into crumbs in the food processor, use what you need, and place the remaining crumbs in a sealed bag in the freezer. Next time you need a Key Lime Pie Martini or a graham cracker crust...Voila! The work is already done!

Kevin Shalin said...

Great tip from the Dessert Queen! Thanks Carrie.