Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the Menu

The Monthly Feature contributing writers have been awesome. Here's a quick look at some recent entries and what's to come:

September 2010
What's Been Served...

Vegetarian View: Molly gives Yelapa a glowing endorsement.

On The Menu...
Dinner Club: This month's theme is Bacon Bonanza. Take a look back at August.

He Said, She Said: Carrie and I head to Shade. Hope it turns out better than this.

Natalie the Nomad: Where will she go next? What interesting food will she try now? Tough to beat Pasha.

Calorie Worthy: Andrea is up to her lists again. Have you made the pesto yet?

Higher Learning: Bryan's last entry upped the blog's cooking IQ about 30 points.

The Junkie: Melissa wasn't too fond of this Jack in the Crack delight.

He Said, They Said: Mike had this to say about Sam's. What Houston Press restaurant will he hit now?

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