Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He Said, They Said

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Mike takes on the Houston Press with his latest restaurant review.
And speaking of burgers, when is HTownChowDown gonna get over to Leonard's so he can bump a place off his top burger list?

Little Bitty Burger Barn

First Impressions: If you don’t know where you are or where you’re going, you might miss it (the sign is tiny). Little Bitty Burger Barn is in a double-wide trailer on Pinemont, near the corner of Antoine. The inside is tiny, with probably only 6-7 tables.

The Menu: This place does burger joint food. Lots of different burgers are the obvious highlight, but they also feature chicken and steak fingers, steak sandwiches, salads and wings. A plus is that in addition to French fries and onion rings, they also offer tater tots.

What I Ordered: I got the sliders with French fries and an iced green tea.

Okay, how did it taste? Full disclosure – I’ve been to Little Bitty before, but I’d never had the sliders prior to this visit. The sliders were average looking sliders. They were dressed with onions and not much else. A little more caramelization would have been preferable, but not a big deal. The bread was done perfectly – a nice crunch on the inside and still soft on the outside. The flavor of the onions mixed very nicely with the flavor of the meat. The fries were above average – they were nicely seasoned and were slightly crispy. The iced tea was iced tea – run of the mill.

Value: Everything I ordered was $8.12. Not bad, considering I’m a big man and left full (even left a few fries…).

Overall: I give Little Bitty Burger Barn a score of 4.0 stars out of 5. Everything was done well, but nothing was spectacular (other than the buns). But it’s a good value and the owners are very nice. I’m sure I’ll be back to the Little Bitty in the future.

They Said:

5503 Pinemont

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