Monday, October 11, 2010

Restaurant Review: Houston

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Pho Sai Gon

The Scene: Pho Sai Gon is located in an nondescript strip center off Tidwell (near 290). I live five minutes away, but have only recently been a regular patron. Thu-Thu is closer to me, and has always gotten my business. Take nothing away from Thu-Thu, but Pho Sai Gon is better.

The Food: What's the appeal to Vietnamese food? Ummm, just about everything. It's inexpensive, extremely tasty, and somewhat healthy. With food, I'm all about diversification. But with this cuisine...I'm type casted. Always expect me to get an order of crispy egg rolls, fresh beef spring rolls, a vermicelli bowl and maybe a rice dish. Don't worry...that's split up between the family. Two things that really stand out about Pho Sai Gon is how incredibly fresh the vermicelli noodles taste, and the things they do to a meat I like to call beef. How do they get beef to taste so good? Their beef vermicelli bowl is a must-order...the cucumbers, sprouts, noodles, beef, and cilantro are a perfect blend of freshness. Dump in a little bucket of fish sauce, and you've got yourself the perfect meal. Speaking of fish sauce...I honestly could drink it in shot form. It's that good. Maybe I'll do a little home experiment with vodka-infused fish sauce.

The Verdict: Let's see....awesome! If you live in this area and love Vietnamese food, you will not be disappointed with Pho Sai Gon. Plus, there's ten Houston-area locations, so go find one...and order a ton of food. All the food I just mentioned came to $20. Can't beat it.

7400 W. Tidwell
Houston, TX 77040

Open 7 days a week (10-9)

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