Sunday, October 31, 2010

Natalie the Nomad: The Dublin Pub

Monthly Feature
Natalie will hit the Ohio-area restaurant scene and fill us in with top-notch reviews.

The Scene
The Dublin Pub is in the historic Oregon District in Dayton, Ohio. While this pub is a block down from the local legend, Thai 9, it could not be any more different. The Pub exudes the atmosphere of a 'typical European pub' - dimly lit, crowded booths, the bar, tchotchkes pinned to the walls and ceiling. There are plenty of tvs around the restaurant, all showing one kind of sport. Also, there is a stage at the front of the restaurant, for showcasing local bands during late nights.

The Bar
I initially started coming to Dublin Pub in college, totally uninterested in what the food had to offer. I was missing out big time, but with the bar with numerous Irish beers on tap and over 10 whiskey choices alone, that was the least of my 21 year old worries. But thank goodness for growing up and glancing at the menu...

The Food
The appetizer that you CANNOT miss is definitely the 'Blarney Stone'. You get four, initially, but can keep adding 'stones' for $1.50. They are huge, so 4 amongst the table is plenty. I'm just going to get to the point - deep friend mashed potato, with the perfect blend of cheeses, AND sausage. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. This was served with a spicy chipotle mayo, and it definitely paired with the stones perfectly. I personally think the Dublin Pub should have this mayo as an option to put on sandwiches...

For my main course I decided on the Huntsman, with a side of garlic green beans. Don't get me wrong, their fries have been voted 'Best in Dayton' but following up Blarney Stones with french fries seemed a little heavy. Plus, the garlic green beans are delicious. Fresh beans, swimming in a vinaigrette sauce and showered with chunks of garlic. The club sandwich was made to perfection. You might think 'well, its a sandwich how hard can it be?' - well Debbie Downer, I have news for you! The bread was toasted, making it vulnerable to 'sogginess' from the sauce spread but this was not. The perfect crunch, the blend of meat and spices; needless to say you overlook the juices running from the corners of your mouth.

While I was full from dinner, I was adamant about getting dessert. My fail safe, go-to option here is the Chocolate Volcano. Yes my friends, it is as scrumptious as it sounds. I usually get this with a side of cinnamon ice cream, but in my blarney stone garlic bean huntsman sandwich induced haze, I sadly forgot... Served with dollops of home made whipped cream, the chocolate molten cake is served in the center of your plate, swimming amongst chocolate and raspberry sauces. Digging your fork into the center of the cake you will be delighted to see even MORE chocolate sauce oozing out onto your plate. Coupled with the dollop of whipped cream, you've got a pretty hard core slice of chocolate heaven.

300 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH 45410

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