Friday, April 2, 2010

Top 20 Restaurants Cont.

#13 Casa de Leon Houston, TX

Home of "El Guayin"...which loosely translates to: "Best *ucking Omelete in the History of the Universe". At least you now know what to order at Casa de Leon. This Mexican eatery serves up a mean breakfast, highlighted by El Guayin. How does a three-egg omelete stuffed with onions, bell peppers, diced jalapenos, ham, and gooey cheese sound? Oh, and one more thing...this culinary delight rests in a pool of broth. Sometimes you've got to dig deep to find a hidden gem. And that's exactly the case with Casa. The elements around the restaurant are somewhat sketchy, and the establishment itself won't win any awards for decor. But we're talking food here, so sometimes those other things take a back seat. Bottom line...Casa is clean, the service is excellent, and El Guayin is unforgettable!

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