Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 20 Restaurants Cont.

#14 G & M Restaurant and Lounge Baltimore, MD

When in Rome, eat crab cakes. If a city is known for something, find out who does it the best and get some. Visited a buddy a few months back in Washington, D.C. He did a quick search and found G&M. Go to their web site and you'll see they've been voted best in Baltimore for five straight years. I should have strictly focused on the crab cakes. Gave in to temptation and ordered a bowl of crab bisque. Mistake! Great soup, but just a tad bit on the heavy side. After contemplating temporary bulimia, I forged ahead and ordered the one crab cake plate with sides. Each cake is about eight ounces and comprised predominately of jumbo lump crab meat, with a few other simple ingredients. Couldn't even finish it. If you are near the area and a seafood lover, G&M is a must stop.

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