Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top 20 Restaurants Cont.

#18 Main Street Bistro and Bakery Grapevine, TX

Before going to this little eatery located just outside Dallas, make sure you've dropped about five pounds. You'll gain them back in one visit. Main Street is in the historic part of Grapevine, where you'll find many other fine eating establishments. This place gets my Best Breakfast Award. All the usual breakfast items are on the menu. My favorite are these little potatoes they serve with pretty much everything. Their crepes are also fabulous. As the name suggests, they also are a bakery...boy are they a bakery! Walking through the door you'll be blown away by their dessert counter. Haven't had a bad dessert yet, but highly recommend the Napolean. Their birthday cakes (which I've also ordered) are small and expensive, but beautiful and delicious. They are almost like a little piece of art. One disappointment...the coffee. For a place that specializes in the desserts, the coffee certainly doesn't live up to expectations. But I won't hold the sucky coffee against Main Street. I just order another Napolean to make up for it.

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