Saturday, April 24, 2010


I don't like fondue. I know's not the melty, cheesy goodness that only a vat of boiling cheese can provide. It's that weird wine aftertaste. I hate it and every couple years I think I'm not gonna hate it. Then I try fondue again and I still hate it. Candy corn has a similar effect on me, but that's an entry for another day. Although I hate fondue, you can't deny it's impact on society...
  • The 70's provided us with the first fondue craze...but I don't think it had much to do with the cheese. Back then, fondue was a code word for "swinger's party". "Hey Mike...would you and Debbie like to come over for some fondue?" "Why yes...yes we would!"
  • In the 80' s and 90's fondue pots were great wedding presents from people who neither liked nor hated you.
  • Over the last few years fondue restaurants like the Melting Pot continue to be popular, but are the people going for the cheese or the pot of chocolate gold at the end of the dining rainbow?
Fondue is the center of my biggest food regret. The incident happened three years back while visiting Sara's homeland...Switzerland. We bypassed the raclette (my favorite) to give the fondue a shot. Thought this time would be different...wrong! I think they actually dumped extra wine in the sauce. But no worries, the meal came with fresh raspberries and whipped sweet cream. One Europe, the sweet cream is not sweet! It's a thick, unsweetened bucket of clogged arteries. No really...they actually serve it in little buckets. It was like the place was mocking me for bypassing the raclette. Maybe I've smartened up a bit...haven't had fondue since.

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kshalin said...

I just think you haven't had the right fondue yet (This is Sara from Kevin's account).