Monday, April 26, 2010


Tomorrow's Mighty Good Recipe comes from Food Network giant Giada de Laurentiis. If you have a pulse and watch television, you know the person I speak of. The lady can cook...after that...I take issue. Rather than be completely cynical, I decided to pair the good with the bad. Here's a look at my...

Giada Pros/Cons List

Con: Easy one...her pronunciation of Italian words is utterly revolting. I enjoy eating "spaghetti" not "spageeeeti".
Pro: Because of this...her show tops the ratings for the Italian immigrants 80+ demographic.

Con: Cleavage...we get're rather fond of your breasts, and more importantly the six-inch, black line they create when smashed together. Mix in a turtleneck every six months.
Pro: Cleavage. Hey, I'm not an idiot. Sometimes the positives outweigh the negatives. I think that's a double entendre!

Con: Giada...Clinique called..they want their makeup counter back. Who knows...that might be Emeril underneath all that spackle.
Pro: Easy sponsorship deal coming her way. If the chick from The Office can get her own hair ad, I figure Giada is a lay-up for some eyelash revitalizer promotion.

Con: She's built like a candied apple on a stick. As the guy from Seinfeld once said..."You've got a big head. It's too big for your body."
Pro: Big head=big brain=better recipes=happier me

You just have to look on the bright side!


Amy Pousson said...

I have always thought that she wears the most low-cut shirts on days she is baking. And you are so right on about the giant head. Sheesh...the hairstylists poofing her hair up all big doesn't help much, either.

Kevin Shalin said...

Never thought about the poofy hair, but you are right.

MGT535 said...

Although I cannot dispute all your points, I was lucky enough to do work on an event where Giada was the speaker. She was wonderful, warm, and talked to you like you had known her for years. Totally won me over.

Kevin Shalin said...

Now I feel bad.