Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tip Jar

Each week, I'll give out a tip. Take it or leave it.

Was reading a fellow blogger recently and she got me thinking about coffee. I love coffee, but I'm no expert and definitely not a snob. I was in a rush the other day and had to make a quick stop at a coffee chain. Let's call it Marmuck's. I got the cheapest cup of coffee they had. I think the total came to $1.62. It got me thinking. About twice a year I order coffee from Kona, Hawaii. Kona coffee is some of the best you can drink. I was there a few years back and spent half a day going to all of the plantations. Anyway, Kona coffee is not cheap. A pound usually runs about $25. When you factor in shipping, you're looking at $35. A typical one-pound bag of coffee yields about 25 cups. See where I'm going with this one?

Back to Marmucks. If I plunk down $1.62 for 25 straight days, that comes to $40.50. Do I spend $40.50 for bad coffee or $35 for great coffee? Every once and awhile I order some Kona. All the plantations produce great coffee. My favorite so far is Greenwell Farms.


Bo said...

I'm all about not spend crazy money for coffee at those coffee chains when I can bring like five bags of pure coffee bean from El Salvador and it's so much better and cheaper in the long run.

kshalin said...

Plus you get to make it to your liking...check out Katz Coffee in Houston...they supply a lot of the supermarkets in Houston, but they take walk up business as well. Right across the street from Lutheran North HS. Friendly folks and great coffee...all sorts of selections.