Monday, June 7, 2010

Restaurant Review

Red Balloon Cafe
4410 Westway Park Boulevard, Suite 300

The Run Down: My dad asked me to lunch the other day. He'd heard great things about Red Balloon...a nondescript cafe located just inside the Beltway. Red Balloon occupies a corner suite, and if you don't know about the place, you're sure to pass it up (much like we did). The restaurant has some very interesting aspects. First, it is surrounded on one side by several beautiful oak trees. Second, half the restaurants is an outdoor patio...and with the Houston heat, thank goodness for the trees. The inside has a modern, open feel and features a walk-up order counter.

The Food: Our food was very solid. My dad ordered a guac burger and I had a crispy chicken sandwich. Both tasted good and were bigger than average (that's what she said). My chicken had a perfect texture, and although a bit under seasoned, I dosed it with mustard and ketchup which made it just right. It came with a side of complaints.

The Price: Great prices...especially considering the big portions.

The Overall Opinion: Red Balloon is a typical burger/sandwich/salad place. But what they do, they seem to do quite well (at least from my limited experience). I can't wait to hit this place when it gets cooler outside. Would love to enjoy a drink out on the porch under those oaks. Oh yeah, forgot to mention...they serve margaritas.

Helpful Hints: We hit Red Balloon right before the big lunch crowd. I'm figuring the place gets pretty crowded around 12-1. But the service is fast. Red Balloon has definitely not seen the last of me.

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