Saturday, November 6, 2010

Test Kitchen:King Ranch Chicken Casserole III

It's time for a Saturday Test Kitchen. You'll see the good and/or bad of every recipe.

The Dish
King Ranch Chicken is one of those dishes that seems to work its way into the mix every now and then. The last time I had some great KRC was at a bed and breakfast place outside San Antonio. Think of KRC as very chicken pot pie-ish, but with the spices and corn tortillas, it certainly can have more of a Mexican food flavor.

The Ease
For full disclosure, I didn't cook this. Sara did. That still counts because we are two hearts beating as one. Sorry, just messing with you. Actually, I had to go out, and wanted to make sure something was posted. So she was kind enough to make the King Ranch. I don't think it was difficult. When you see the word "casserole" in the dish's name, that's code for "we know you have kids, have no life, and have no time--so this dish will be easy".

The Taste
I only had a bite but it was good. The corn tortillas and the spices really made the dish stand out. Another example of a great dish to make on the weekend--for a the week. It yields plenty of leftovers and contains enough veggies to make it fairly healthy. And remember, this is the type of recipe you can add just about any veggie you want. Oh, one more thing. Sara used leftover turkey, so technically this was King Ranch Turkey. Didn't matter, still turned out great.

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