Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Hour: Cranberry Mojito

Get ready for the weekend with a Thursday Happy Hour.
You can find this recipe and so many others!

What happens when you take a scoop of this and dump it in this? You get the picture above. You also get a great drink. I used a little creativity on this one. Plus, I had a ton of leftover cranberry granita and wanted to put it to good use. Boy, did I. The tartness of the cranberry was perfect with the lime and mint of the mojito. This is a great drink for the holidays that's different from the heavy, creamy cocktails associated with this time of year. I highly recommend this Cranberry Mojito (Kevin style). It also makes for a wonderful presentation, and your guests will think you're an expert mixologist. If you're throwing a holiday party, this is a great drink to make ahead of time, throw in a punch bowl and top with the cranberry granita.


Molly said...

This drink sounds VERY good.

Kevin said...

It more than sounds good, it is good. Probably one of my best Happy Hour recipes to date.

Mojito Social Club said...

Looks good too, Kevin !

Kevin said...

Thanks...also, can I be a member of the Mojito Social Club?